Authentic homemade tortillas made fresh all day, and tamales whenever you want them.

There is nothing better than delicious tortillas still warm from the oven — you can see them being made on the tortilla line in the Vallarta Tortilleria. You’ll find fresh batches of corn and flour tortillas in many different sizes, including thin, thick-cut, and Sonora-style. We also have several varieties of fresh tortilla chips, duritos, and tostadas, all of it packaged and perfect for your next get together. And if you prefer to cook them at home, you can always take our fresh masa home with you.

Vallarta also makes amazing tamales all year round. We make it so easy for you to celebrate tamale season with fresh masa in your favorite flavors – pineapple, strawberry, salted, unsalted – ready to take home and prepare for your family and friends. Of course, we also have a variety of tamales premade and ready to go, so you can save time and enjoy them for dinner tonight.



We are excited to announce we now have Central American tamales available!

We’re always working to provide our customers with their favorite foods from back home. Our culinary team has been working hard to perfect this special tamale for those who yearn for the authentic taste of Central America. Now you can find them for the holidays and all year round in the Vallarta Tortilleria.

Central American tamales differ from the traditional Mexican tamales in several ways. You’ll recognize them immediately because they’re wrapped in a banana leaf, instead of a corn husk. The masa itself is a finer grind, which makes for a tamale with more moisture. As for ingredients, you’ll find pork, chicken, potatoes, garbanzo beans, green bell peppers, olives, and authentic spices from Central America.

Make At Home Tamale Guide

It’s Tamale Season! Reflecting the diverse Latino tastes and traditions, Vallarta Supermarkets stocks many varieties of tamales and masas (Spanish for corn-based dough), including varying fillings from spicy to sweet, for carnivores or vegetarians, wrapped in a cornhusk or a banana leaf. Download our guide to wow your friends and family with these easy to make at home tamale recipes.

Download Recipes

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