For more than 35 years, Vallarta Supermarkets has been bringing families together over fresh and authentic food.

When you enter Vallarta, you know right away that it’s about more than food shopping — it’s about celebrating. Celebrating the food, culture, colors, and vibrant energy of Mexico and Latin America. Vallarta offers a feast for ALL your senses. You can smell the sweet aromas from the bakery, hear the rhythms of the music playing, and different languages spoken all around you.

In the meat department – the carnicería – you see the vast expanse of fresh beef. This is where it all started for us and why we’re known as the home of the Original Carne Asada (™) . Vallarta will change your mind about what a grocery should be, with our impeccably clean stores, friendly staff eager to help, and everything you need, from authentic staples to the latest food trends.

Our Founding Principle

Put Customers First.

Everything we do is in service of our customers. Whether it’s guiding you around our stores or serving you a freshly cooked meal, it’s all about you, what you want, what you need, and how we can make your visit to Vallarta Supermarkets the highlight of your day.

With 53 stores throughout California, including Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tulare, Orange and Fresno counties, and more than 8,000 team members, the Gonzalez family promises to continue to strive for excellence in everything we do, so that our valued customers always have a Vallarta supermarket to call their own.

Our Story

Core Values

Customer Service

Extraordinary customer service is the key to success in our business. Treat each customer as if they are the most important person in the world, because they are.


Respect is shown to everyone, especially our customers.
We believe that everyone is important and treat them that way.


Commitment is essential to reach any goal in life. Stay focused and have the will to do what others are not willing to do.


Integrity builds trust between customers, coworkers, and vendors.
Practice high moral and professional principles and do the right thing at all times.


Humility allows us all to work together as one. Always keep an open mind and make time to help others.


Teamwork makes every aspect of our day more productive and more enjoyable. Believe in and support each other at all times.

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