Booth Clerk $17.00/hr-$19.50/hr

Store:   Escondido - 1315 E. Valley Parkway - #30-03 Map


California Minimum Wage is $15.50/hr effective 1/1/2023
Some Cities have higher Minimum Wages (LA City currently is $16.04/hr)

Job Duties:
• Check cashing: Verify funds, customer telephone, and employment.
• Sell Money Orders, Stamps, Lotto and Scratchers. Send and receive MoneyGram transactions.
• Distribute Employee Equipment: Vallarta (Optional T-shirts, name badges, etc.)
• Pay out Scratcher and Lotto winners.
• Count and verify all cashier tills; issue out and receive tills.
• Verify cashier tills to sales when cashiers close out their till.
• When a Cashier does not balance, must find her error.
• Monitor Cashiers do not exceed 15 minutes when balancing their till.
• Ask Front End Manager for Cashier readings.
• After verifying cashiers tills, separate tenders in each compartment.
• Close out “Big Bag” (all the money and credit card, vouchers, checks, etc.) Big Bag should be closed out by 11:00pm.
• Verify all loans and change drawers at beginning of shifts, change of shifts, and end of shifts.
• Pull out daily close out reports for that day (Money Orders, MoneyGram, Lotto, Scratchers, etc.)
• Answer company telephone, transfer calls to requested departments, send and receive phone calls from all departments. Send and receive mail and receive and distribute faxes.
• Answer customer inquiries on: winning lotto #’s, prices on money orders, moneygram, meat prices and orders.
• Contact police and other emergency agencies when needed.
• Receive N.S.F. check payments and log them in receipt book.
• Receive space rental money and log them in receipt book.
• Receive loss prevention payments and log them in receipt book.
• Monitor lost and found.
• Monitor Vallarta American Express card and log it in book.
• Hand out cigarettes sales to Front End Manager.
• Issue out vendor checks and issue and sign off employee checks.
• Help back office when needed.
• Help prepare coupons to be sent to clearing house.
• Make sure all cashier tills and safes are locked before closing booth.
• And all other assigned job duties.
Physical Requirements:
• Lift boxes and product ranging between 20 lbs up to 60 lbs
• Place boxes/product onto dolly or cart
• Push/pull between 30 lbs up to 200 lbs (items on cart/dolly)
• Bend/Stoop pick up and or place product below waist level (including shelves and racks)


Required Experience

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