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LP Agent

Store:   Pacoima - General Offices - 99 Map


Job Duties:
• Monitor Store activity regarding shoplifting, vandalism, loitering, unusual behavior of customers or employees.
• Request proof of purchase from customers and employees for product taken out of the store, when necessary.
• Request the customer/employee reenter the store in order to possibly detain the customer or employee in a secure area of the store to investigate shoplifting or illegal/unauthorized activity.
• At times Loss Prevention Agent will need to physically detain customer or employee until proper authorities arrive.
• Must write incident reports.
• Must be able to testify as needed in court cases.

Job Requirements:
• Good physical shape: to run, jump, squat as needed.
• Good English writing and reading skills (to write incident reports)
• Must go to various store locations as needed.


  • Good report writing, reading

Required Experience

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